July and August Roundup

Aug 9, 2018 | Interview

In July and August 2018, CIC fellows were featured in a variety of publications and outlets. These include:

Samantha Bradshaw in “Fake news: the media industry strikes back“, Yahoo News (July 13, 2018).

Samantha Bradshaw in “Fake news: The media strikes back“, The Asean Post (July 14, 2018).

Ben Rowswell in “Canada encouraged diplomats to defend human rights in Venezuela“, The Globe and Mail (July 16, 2018).

Samantha Bradshaw in “Social media manipulation rising globally, new report warns“, Phys.Org (July 20, 2018).

Samantha Bradshaw in “Exploring the extent of ‘fake news’ on social media“, Earth.Com (July 22, 2018).

Samantha Bradshaw in “Oxford researchers warn India of a fake-news epidemic as elections approach“, Quartz India (July 25, 2018).

Samantha Bradshaw in “Oxford Study: Political Data Mining Companies are Manipulating Elections Around the World“, The Real News Network (August 2, 2018).