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Established in 1928 as one of the first CIC branches in Canada, CIC Vancouver is a grassroots non-profit organization with a mandate to provide professionals, academics, students, and community members in the Greater Vancouver Area with a platform to stay engaged in international issues and foreign policy issues. We also aim to help create a vibrant community of international affairs practitioners and enthusiasts within the Greater Vancouver Area. We seek to achieve our goals by hosting regular seminars and networking events with leaders in international affairs and by running various educational and capacity-building programs. We have hosted speaker events with elected officials, foreign Canadian diplomats, high-ranking military officers, scholars, and more.

2024 Branch Executive Team

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Luthfi Dhofier

Luthfi Dhofier (he/him) is a public policy and applied research practitioner with experience working in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. Luthfi lived in Indonesia during the Asian financial crisis and saw the country’s transformation from a military dictatorship regime into a democracy, an experience that shaped his interests in international affairs and public policy. He is currently a policy analyst at the Canadian Urban Institute (CUI) where he works with governments and communities across Canada to address a wide range of policy issues such as economic development, housing, and transportation. Luthfi is also a Co-founder and Executive Director of Global Water Rights, a non-profit organization with a mission to research and educate the public about rights to water and sustainable water management. He has contributed to National Observer, The Vancouver Sun, The Hill Times, the Hamilton Spectator, and more. Luthfi holds a Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs from the University of British Columbia.

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Elmer DySalvador
Chair of Research and Operations

Elmer Dy Salvador is an entrepreneur, researcher, public policy professional and longtime community volunteer to various local and international non-profit organizations. He considers himself a global citizen and thus, has taken the lessons and experiences he’s had while living, working and traveling abroad to inform his worldview. Elmer believes that there are positive examples that can be found all over the world that can serve as guides for policymaking to solve some of our most difficult challenges here at home. He holds a dual MSc. degree in Public Policy and Human Development from Maastricht University and the United Nations University.

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Tyler Yan

Tyler Yan is a seasoned technology professional who has helped private and public organizations in North America, Europe, and Asia to strategically build and expand their firms through digital solutions. In this capacity, Tyler has also assisted various organizations in improving their accounting and financial practices. Born and raised in Vancouver, he had the opportunity to work and volunteer abroad, and ultimately spark an appreciation for international affairs. Tyler looks forward to ensuring the prolonged financial health of our council through transparent and responsible fiscal planning.

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Maryam Jafari Amjad
Operations Manager

Maryam Jafari Amjad, a multilingual fourth-year student at the University of British Columbia, is pursuing a unique combination of a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a minor in Law and Society and a Master of Management. As the assistant manager at August Jack Motor Inn, she skillfully balances her academic pursuits with leadership responsibilities. Maryam’s commitment to service shines through her active participation in UBC clubs like PSSA, UNICEF, and the Pre-Law Association. Using her experiences and academic excellence, she also continuously advocates for her Provincial Mandatory Hybrid Learning Policy proposal, which she successfully promoted at Parliament Hill. Maryam’s commitment extends to advocating for this policy within the BC School Act, demonstrating her passion for education reform. Throughout this journey, she has received a $1,500 CANConnect Diversity Micro-grant from the Senate of Canada and GLOCAL. In her free time, her adventurous spirit leads her to embrace the outdoors, enjoying surfing, hiking, and skiing, embodying the essence of a dedicated Vancouverite.

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Gabriele Nandal
Chair of Programs and Strategic Initiative

Gabriele is driven by her curiosity. While this curiosity is not limited to global affairs, she is also fascinated by ancient history, living things, human nature, and what lies beyond the cosmos. This curiosity led to her becoming a biologist with extensive experience in research, managing projects, and education. Holding a M.Sc. from the University of Toronto, she is also an avid community volunteer. Gabriele is eager to bring her broad experiences working with diverse groups internationally, in addition to her insatiable curiosity to CIC Vancouver. She believes that engaging different perspectives in discussion on key issues helps foster meaningful change and essential community awareness. When Gabriele is not down a Wikipedia rabbit hole, you are likely to find her exploring the outdoors, painting, or trying every restaurant in the city.

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Christy Lim
Chair of Communications and Marketing

Christy (she/her) is a third-year student studying Political Science (Honours) at UBC. Her experiences working as a research assistant on a project examining media coverages of ethnic conflict and coordinating an undergraduate policy competition, combined with her own international background, have helped her to develop unique interests in identity politics, democracy, and media literacy. Christy looks forward to delivering inclusive communications and representing students’ passion and interests in international affairs.

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Franziska Schwarzmann
Chair of Stakeholder and Community Engagement Lead
Franzi is a International Relations Expert with more than 12 years of experience in strategic communications, community engagement and brand strategy. She aspires to be an advocate and catalyst for positive change in her community. Born and raised in Germany, Franzi has worked in Germany, Spain and the United States. She holds a master in global affairs from The Fletcher School at Tufts University, a bachelor in international political economy from the Freie Universität in Berlin and a journalism degree. Her latest publications for Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation, a German think tank, are on Canadian immigration, drug policy and healthcare. Franzi lives in Vancouver with her family, enjoying its astonishing nature.
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Jemma Heathcote
Events Manager

Jemma (she/her) is a second year Political Science student at KPU. She has experience working as a student intern for the South Surrey-White Rock Constituency in the Student Mentorship program at KPU. She is also President of the Debate Club at KPU, as well as the Model UN Club in an ongoing goal to encourage students to speak up about issues that matter. Jemma looks forward to working on events with the CIC in Vancouver as she believes it’s important to help engage Canadians in foreign policies and global politics.

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Mei Terasawa
Events Manager

Mei Terasawa is a third-year international student studying international relations at UBC. She is also a research assistant at the UBC Centre for Japanese Research and the UBC Konwakai Chair Program. While her main research interest is political and economic development in the Indo-Pacific regions, she wants to expand her field to examine Canadian foreign policy to contribute to the local community. With her knowledge of the Asia region and experience as a research assistant, Mei looks forward to joining CIC Vancouver and assisting in event coordination and promotions.

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Samar Jain
Communications and Marketing Assistant

A student leader, Samar Jain (he/ him) is a graduating high school senior from Surrey, British Columbia. As a published author and writer, he has employed his passion of writing to gain deeper understanding of, and convey chapters of our past and present that often tend to get lost in the glitter of the modern world. When not liaising with elected leaders on issues of governance or working to support marginalized youth and their communities, he frequents Model UN conferences and youth parliaments around the world to debate on global affairs, international law, public policy and advocate for human rights and democracy. Learning about social justice, global politics and international relations fascinates Samar, and will dominate his sphere of work in the years to come.